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chillistick - add some dry ice excitement to your party

An exciting new way to safely use dry ice in drinks and cocktails


Chillistick - the new way to enjoy dry ice effects in drinkschillistick is the new fun way to add atmosphere to your party or event.

Just load the chillistick with a dry ice pellet and submerge to watch your drink bubble and fog whilst releasing it's natural fragrance into the atmosphere as a smoky mist.

chillistick provides glamorous, fun smoke effects to enhance all kinds of drinks, cocktails and social occasions using dry ice safely.

How does it work?

The chillistick is filled with dry ice and then lowered into drinks when it immediately starts to bubble creating a thick water fog which looks cool in every way.

The white fog is composed of tiny droplets of the drink - just like water droplets form mists in nature. The mist spreads the natural fragrance of the drink so that you smell the drink before you taste it! For more information about chillistick visit

See chillistick in action

This short video shows how simple and safe it is to create stunning effects in your cocktails

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We offer chillisticks and packs of dry ice, securely packaged in a well insulated box with safety instructions and protective gloves delivered to your door via courier delivery.

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Please read our safety information before using dry ice.